What is pizza a taglio?

Pizza Al Taglio is a type of pizza that originated in Rome around 1950. This pizza is widely eaten as street food throughout Italy, but also beyond. Taglio literally means 'per piece'. The pizza is baked on large plates, is rectangular and is sold in pieces that are often cut with scissors.

The Pizza Al Taglio has a thicker bottom, made of dough with less yeast. This dough has been in the fridge for at least 48 hours to rise. This gives the dough a lot of air bubbles that are important for the structure of the bottom. The fluffier, the tastier! The shape and firm, airy base make this pizza perfect for eating on the go, and in terms of toppings, anything is possible!

In addition to pizza, we also have all kinds of tasty starters, pastas, flatbread, antipasti, side dishes, desserts, cocktails and delicious coffee. Gluten free or other dietary requirements? No problem! We take this into account.

About Pazze e Pizze


Everyone always asks us, why do you even have an Italian restaurant? Well the story goes like this:

Once upon a time there was an Italian boy who was born in a small village called Stornarella, Puglia. When he was little he moved to Rome: 'La pui bella city del mondo'. Where he grew up in his parents' Italian restaurant.

Now I hear you thinking 'What does this story have to do with The Hague?'.

This Italian boy is our grandfather & father. As a young man he decided to exchange beautiful Rome for wonderful The Hague. Where he met his beautiful wife, got married, raised three beautiful daughters together and eventually had grandchildren with 'Grandma Spaghetti'.

The mountains, the cities, the islands, the beaches, the churches, the food, in short; la grande bellezza, formed an indispensable part of our 'Italian education'. And yes, especially the Italian food, we couldn't escape that. Hence our Italian restaurant in China Town.

Why in China Town? We also have a Chinese grandfather, 'Grandpa Chung', who, like 'Grandpa Spaghetti', grew up in the hospitality industry.

Due to temporary COVID-19 restrictions, our restaurant will be closed at 17:00. Home delivery is still possible until 21:30.